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       Welcome to the RCX Java Compiler web-site.  This site is dedicated to bringing you information on the RCX Java Compiler, RCXJavaC.  This is a Java like compiler for the Lego® Mindstorms© v2.0 firmware platform.  This project is open source and will be/is available for download in our download section.  Thank you for visiting and happy programming!


17th April 2006

       Fixed the issue with the index page not being displayed.  Still at it in the developement department recent events, have kept me quite busy, thus no updates at this time, sorry.  See you next time!

13th January 2006

       Back at it again!  Look for updates to come, both in regards to the project and the web-site.  Perhaps spruce somethings up around here with some new infomration!  Until next time!

18th August 2004

       Rewrote web-site.  I did not like the last look so, I rewrote it.  I wish I could say more on the project, work is keeping me busy.  Sorry!!

18th June 2004

       I have done it.  It is too long since last these pages were updated.  Work on the compiler still continues when work allows.  A new prerelease version of the compiler is available for download from the Sourceforge servers!  This version has the new lexer and parser implemented as well as most of the new symbol table.  Generation is disabled in the new version though, until the symbol table is complete and testing is done on the generator for compatability.  Until next time!

31st May 2003

       Okay, here goes some info, I have ready source tress that I will post sometime next week.  Please forgive the long absences in my postings.  I know that I have not been terribly faithful; however, I do have source code to make up for that lack of posting.  See you at the next post!

16th April 2003

       Gomen, it has been a long time since, I have updated.  Still working on the 0.2 version of the compiler it will be available, pending, somtime in the middle of next month! This includes a built in library, the addition of the Communications Library built into the compiler itself and possibly some basic form of documentation on compiler usage and syntax/grammer changes from Sun© Java® Also hopefully you can look forwared to a new design of tis site!  See you all in a bit!  Ciao!

26th August 2002

       Upadtes!! The 0.1.1beta is available for download form this site as well as its companion the Communicatoins Library.  Updates may be far and few between for a while now, I am in Italty and will be for some time to come.

13th August 2002

       Sorry, for the delay; however I am really busy with all the updates to the compiler and the communication librariers are almost perfect for UNIX/Linux and Win32.  These libraries are integrated into the compiler for quick and easy download capabilities.  Version 0.1.1beta will be uploaded soon!  The library sources for UNIX/Linux will be posted here.  Look for those updates in the near future, as well as some web-site updates too!  See you soon!!!

5th June 2002

       The time has come!  The source for version 0.1alpha is here.  Version 0.2alpha is hot on its trail.  Also the move from alpha to beta is on.  A downloading application will be posted when the first beta compiler is available.  Check back soon for more updates, they are coming along now!  See you soon!

6th April 2002

       Okay, the liscence has been posted on the site; however, I am still waiting for the site of my sister projects to be posted for any major updates here.  On the other hand the project should be posted very soon, once I have determined it to be stable enough for a v0.1 release!  Come back soon for the posting, that will be a major event!  Thanks!

24th March 2002

       Updating the web pages here so that they will validate correctly and fix a few bugs with them as well as some spelling errors. &nbps;Check back later for some good stuff! &nbps;Thanks, and see you soon!

20th March 2002

       Upadates to the site have been moderate from here.  However, we are hoping to have the site built very soon.  The compiler is on the approach to a stable version 0.1beta.  At this moment we have version 0.1alpha that will be posted in the downloads section in a short while.  

19th February 2002

       Here we are again, moving on yet another journey into the foray of web-page design!  This site was designed, and the pages were updated.  If there are any comments, questions, or concearns over this page use the contact us link located at the bottom of the page!  Thanks alot and visit us again!

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