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Information Section

       This section is reserved for the documentation for the RCXJavaC.  Here you will be able to find information on compiler usage, programming in the RCXJavaC language, documentation on the compiler source, and other information that may be useful for the use of the RCXJavaC.

License Info:  This is the location of the page where all liscensing information is made available to then end users of the RCXJavaC.  This project is Open Source and so the source as well as binaries will be/are available in the download section of this site.

Language Specs:  This section of the site is for the official language specifications.  The keyword listing and active syntax is posted here as well as other information pertaining to the language semantics of the past and current versions of the language.

Source Docs:  This section has the documentation for the source code of the RCXJavaC.  The JavaDocs generated from the code as well as other Programmers notes are posted here.  Useful for those who would like to modify the project and or look at the work that is behind the project.

Tutorials:  Here are tutorails for for the RCXJavaC language.  This section has tutorials for the begginer.  Also it is a good way to farmiliarize even the most advanced user with the changes in the Java language specifications for the RCXJavaC.   There is also information on how to use the RCXJavaC standard library here.

F.A.Q.'s:  Frequently asked questions about the compiler.  Enough said!  Ask a question!

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